The Flexible Minch Cruise (Autumn Only), from Gairloch

The Flexible Minch Cruise (Autumn Only), from Gairloch From GBP 75

This flexible cruise is specifically set up for the autumn.
September and October still offer amazing sightings, unfortunately the weather conditions are not always as welcoming. 
Some wildlife has already left the area, so we might have to go a little further in order to see some amazing sightings. 
That's what this trip is for. A flexible trip, meaning depending on preference and sightings this cruise may last longer so we can head out to where the Whales and Dolphins are (with added cost depending how much longer the cruise will last).  
This cruise starts off with approximitaly 3h in duration and can be adjusted to 4,5h.


A GairlochB The Minch

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We will take you to the areas where we are most likely to find the target animals.

Minke Whales, Common Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises are the most commonly sighted cetaceans on this cruise.
Occasionaly Humpback, Orca and other cetaceans. 

We search the local areas like Rona Bank, Staffin Bank, the Shoulder Banks and the Burma Bank, but will head out further if that's what needs to be done to find the animals. 

Lots of seabirds are also seen on these cruises

Other wildlife that can be encountered.