2.5h Whales & Wildlife Cruise, from Gairloch

2.5h Whales & Wildlife Cruise, from Gairloch From GBP 65

Our shortest cruise that searches the closest traditional Whale and Dolphin feeding grounds.


A GairlochB Staffin Banks

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We will take you to the areas where we are most likely to find the target animals.

Minke Whales, Common Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises are the most commonly sighted cetaceans on this cruise.

Occasional Humpback, Orca and other cetaceans too.

We search areas like Rona Bank, Staffin Bank, the Shoulder Banks and the Burma Bank.

Lots of seabirds are also seen on these cruises and Puffins are guaranteed until mid August.

Other wildlife that can be encountered are Seals, Eagles, Skuas, Basking Sharks, Otters and some land mammals can bee seen also like Red Deer.

A great Family cruise.